The Gold Standard

Titan Support Systems Inc is the gold standard in Strength and Powerlifting gear.

Since 1981, we have manufactured the overwhelmingly majority of our products entirely in the United States.

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Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

You’re Taking Your Life in Your Hands.

The date of the odd lift contest I had been recruited to compete in arrived and not only would this be the first contest of its type I had been a part of, it would also be the first I had ever seen. All of us however, were prepared, not just in our training, but in the “small details” that often make or break a meet for a lifter. Through many decades, many of my early powerlifting lessons benefited me and the lifters I had the privilege to coach and/or handle at major and minor meets. The credit went to Tony as he was the sparkplug and had the know-how to do things the correct way. The standard competition attire consisted of a tee shirt, shorts or bathing suit, sneakers or work boots, and a thin four-inch wide lifting belt. Until the rules of what became the sport of Powerlifting were standardized to require a one-piece lifting singlet, yet another of the copy-cat nods given towards Olympic weightlifting, the bathing suit and tee shirt “look” was very much acceptable.

Family Owned


The Alaniz family are true American pioneers in the field of innovating and manufacturing Powerlifting and Strength products.

Since 1981, they have played a leading role in the development of equipment and the growth of the sport through sponsorships and contributions.

Pete Alaniz was awarded the prestigious Brother Bennett award from the USAPL in 2006. ×

Since 1981


Since 1981, Titan Support Systems Inc has been leading the charge in innovation and craftsmanship of Powerlifting and Strength products.

Each product we innovate undergoes a lengthy research and development process.

We have a dedicated team of product engineers and our products are tried and tested by leading strength athletes across the globe.


Made in USA


Our belts, singlets, wraps and equipped gear are proudly manufactured in the United States.

In spite of the pressures of globalism resulting in mass importation of low cost and poor quality imports from Pakistan, our brand has remained firm in it's commitment to manufacturing quality products in our home state of Texas.

Our products enshrine the true values of the American heartland - handwork, dedication, commitment and pride in work.

Titan Support Systems Inc is the embodiment of the American dream, which is only made possible due to the loyalty of our customers.


IPF Approved


We proudly boast the largest range of IPF Approved products.

As the first adopter of the "IPF Approved" accreditation scheme, we remain committed to approving all of our products that fall within IPF regulations.


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