The Gold Standard

Titan Support Systems Inc is the gold standard in Strength and Powerlifting gear.

Since 1981, we have manufactured the overwhelmingly majority of our products entirely in the United States.

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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Some of our readers weren’t certain where the December 2016, Part One of this article was headed, at least not relative to its title. Simply stated, Powerlifting as a sport, had its origins in Odd Lift Contests and Olympic Weightlifting, the former for the actual lifts that were eventually chosen, and the latter which was used as a template to first formulate the actual competitive standards of the new sport. What came with that template for determining weight classes, record keeping, contest performance, and administrative structure, was an established lifting hierarchy that firmly sat upon the new sport of powerlifting and was attempting to utilize it for its own purposes. Since the growth of powerlifting as an organized sport was consistent from its initial organization, there has been a ton of revisionist history written, some meant to excuse those in control of the lifting sports during the 1960s and ‘70s for their mean spirited and dubious behavior and other chapters designed to glorify and elevate the status and so-called record setting ability of those actually writing that jaundiced view of actual events.

Family Owned


The Alaniz family are true American pioneers in the field of innovating and manufacturing Powerlifting and Strength products.

Since 1981, they have played a leading role in the development of equipment and the growth of the sport through sponsorships and contributions.

Pete Alaniz was awarded the prestigious Brother Bennett award from the USAPL in 2006. ×

Since 1981


Since 1981, Titan Support Systems Inc has been leading the charge in innovation and craftsmanship of Powerlifting and Strength products.

Each product we innovate undergoes a lengthy research and development process.

We have a dedicated team of product engineers and our products are tried and tested by leading strength athletes across the globe.


Made in USA


Our belts, singlets, wraps and equipped gear are proudly manufactured in the United States.

In spite of the pressures of globalism resulting in mass importation of low cost and poor quality imports from Pakistan, our brand has remained firm in it's commitment to manufacturing quality products in our home state of Texas.

Our products enshrine the true values of the American heartland - handwork, dedication, commitment and pride in work.

Titan Support Systems Inc is the embodiment of the American dream, which is only made possible due to the loyalty of our customers.


IPF Approved


We proudly boast the largest range of IPF Approved products.

As the first adopter of the "IPF Approved" accreditation scheme, we remain committed to approving all of our products that fall within IPF regulations.


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