The Gold Standard

Titan Support Systems Inc is the gold standard in Strength and Powerlifting gear.

Since 1981, we have manufactured the overwhelmingly majority of our products entirely in the United States.

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Historical Timeline



Sublimated design singlets debut at the Classic World’s in Killeen to great fanfare and acclaim.


yellowjacketsYellow Jacket Knee Sleeves are introduced to the market. Designed to resemble the notorious Texan Yellow Jacket wasp.


  • 20k1-300x300Titan innovates and releases IPF Approved TITEX calibrated weights and competition bar. Debuts at the Arnold Sports Festival.
  • Design Patent USD748209 S1 is granted for the Ram and Super Ram


signaturegoldtimelineSignature Gold wraps are introduced, quickly becoming a favorite of seasoned Powerlifters.


katanaPatent US20070000015 A1 is granted for the torque sleeve bench shrt – The Katana


  • Jonas-RantanenRam and Super Ram bench training devices debut.
  • Titan purchases the belt and shoe division of Safe USA. The belt division is rebranded as Texas Belts. Titan embarks on its goal to be a one stop shop for strength training and powerlifting.
  • Jonas Rantanen posts the biggest unlimited squat in powerlifting history with a 575 kg (1,267 lb) squat using a Titan BOSS suit.
  • Irma Alaniz, innovator, inventor, co-founder of Titan and matron of the family passes away.


  • max_rpm_orange_kneeMax RPM wrap is introduced.
  • Steve Goggins breaks the1200 lb squat barrier in a Titan BOSS suit.
  • Provisional Patent is granted for a new energy storing bench shirt design.


  • The Super Katana is introduced. An energy storing collar and reinforced sleeve construction make this the shirt of preference for elite lifters.
    Detlev Albrings and Pete Alaniz

    IPF President Detlev Albrings and Pete Alaniz

  • By this time, competitors have abandoned their designs and fabrics and are manufacturing versions of Titan fabrics and designs
  • Patent Application is submitted for a deadlift suit design
  • Titan President Pete Alaniz strongly suggests to IPF President Detlev Albrings to embrace the emergence of Classic/Raw Powerlifting. In anticipation of the rise of raw powerlifting, Titan Support Systems purchased the established Shoe and belt brand Safe USA.


  • Titan purchases its current 2 acre manufacturing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Mr. P.F. Alaniz, co-founder, husband, father and grandfather passes away. The IPF honors him at the Congress with a moment of silence and prayer


  • pl2608Steve Goggins breaks the 1,100 lb squat barrier in a BOSS squat suit


  • Patent Pending Katana bench shirt is introduced. This shirt features torque seam sleeves to store more energy.
  • Pete Alaniz is presented with Brother Bennett award by USA Powerlifting (USAPL)


  • Titan suits and shirts are used by the majority of lifters at the IPF Worlds
  • Titan starts sponsorship of the Swdish National team
  • Patent application is submitted for a torque seam bench shirt – The Katana


  • titan-f6-2Titan introduces the F6 bench shirt specifically designed for arched benchers. This new design allows for optimized 90° alignment of the bench sleeves after the lifter attains the arched position. Records continue to fall.
  • THP & Titanium wraps are introduced.
  • Competitors are now trying to copy Titan fabrics and shirt designs.


Titan introduces NXG Plus for suits and bench shirts. Titan performance begins to convincingly pull away from the competition.



Titan retrieves the 1986 shirt design from mothballs and adapts it to is new NXG fabric. Renamed the Fury, this is the first shirt to feature 360° sleeve bases with 90° sleeve angles and a stretch back. Two months after being introduced, the Fury debuts big at the Bench Nationals. Pete II and III lose count of World Records broken after #15


  • Titan purchases and moves into its first large scale commercial production facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Titan introduces NXG fabric. A new performance era begins.


Titan initiates sponsorship of the Russian, Ukrainian and Polish national powerlifting teams



Titan proudly initiates the sponsorship of USAPL national teams, which will turn out to be a long term relationship.



  • Titan introduces the signaturewraps-sSignature wraps. In addition to having unique elastic properties, it is the first graphics and colored wrap in the lifting world.
  • Dan Austin wins his 9th World title, Gene Bell wins his 5th, Captain Kirk wins his final World Championships and retires. During his 6 year reign, he dominates his class.


  • kirkCaptain Kirk moves back up to 125kg. At the Nationals, he becomes the lightest lifter in IPF history to squat over 1,000 lbs (455kg) along with a World record total. This record remains unchallenged for 16 years. It remains on the record books when the weight classes are changed in 2011.
  • Tim Taylor, Lamar Gant & Gene Bell continue their historic run of national victories. Wade Hooper wins and starts his future Hallf Fame Open career


  • captainkirkCaptain Kirk Karwoski switches to Titan and drops to the 110 kg class. At the USPF Nationals in Houston, TX, the Captain squats a World Record 415 kgs (914 lbs)!
  • Other notable victories include Tim Taylor @ 56 kg, Lamar Gant @ 60 kg, Dan Austin @ 75 kg, Walter Thomas @ 82.5kg, Gene Bell @ 90kg


centurion_1Patent US 5046194A is granted for the Centurion powerlifting suit. Within 15 years this design will become the #1 single-ply squat suit in the history of the sport.


Patent application is submitted for the Centurion powerlifting suit.


Hideaki Inaba & Hiro Isagawa win the World Championships in Titan gear.


Hideaki Inaba & Gerard McNamara win the World Championships in Titan gear


  • SSTProSeriesPowerliftingShoeThe concept for a Titan bench shirt is developed and briefly sold through 1987. Patent issues result in mothballing of the design.
  • Pete Alaniz encourages friend Scott Safe to commercialize his shoe design. A local shoe factory agrees to produce the shoe and Safe USA is born. Manufacturing of belts in Texas soon follows.


Hideaki Inaba @ 52kg, Hiroyuki Isagawa @56 kg & Tom Henderson @125kg win the World Champonships in Titan.


001Lifting legends Fred Hatfield and Hideaki Inaba set World Records and win World Championships.


Hatfield attempts his first 1,000 lb squat in a Titan Suit.



Pete and his training partner attend their first IPF World Championships to support Rick Gaugler.


pl0207Training for Pete Alaniz is taken to the next level, when the opportunity presents itself to come under the tutelage of IPF World Champion Rick Gaugler.

February 1978

Alaniz brothers enter their first Powerlifting contest, the Texas State Teenage Championships.

Spring 1975

Brothers Pete & David Alaniz begin their weight training experience.


Family Owned


The Alaniz family are true American pioneers in the field of innovating and manufacturing Powerlifting and Strength products.

Since 1981, they have played a leading role in the development of equipment and the growth of the sport through sponsorships and contributions.

Pete Alaniz was awarded the prestigious Brother Bennett award from the USAPL in 2006. ×

Since 1981


Since 1981, Titan Support Systems Inc has been leading the charge in innovation and craftsmanship of Powerlifting and Strength products.

Each product we innovate undergoes a lengthy research and development process.

We have a dedicated team of product engineers and our products are tried and tested by leading strength athletes across the globe.


Made in USA


Our belts, singlets, wraps and equipped gear are proudly manufactured in the United States.

In spite of the pressures of globalism resulting in mass importation of low cost and poor quality imports from Pakistan, our brand has remained firm in it's commitment to manufacturing quality products in our home state of Texas.

Our products enshrine the true values of the American heartland - handwork, dedication, commitment and pride in work.

Titan Support Systems Inc is the embodiment of the American dream, which is only made possible due to the loyalty of our customers.


IPF Approved


We proudly boast the largest range of IPF Approved products.

As the first adopter of the "IPF Approved" accreditation scheme, we remain committed to approving all of our products that fall within IPF regulations.


Titan Support Systems Inc