Julia Vins Powerlifter Interview

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1. Name: Julia Vins

Julia Vins

Julia Vins, Multiply Powerlifter

2. Married and family? Married
3. How long have you been lifting? I have been in powerlifting for 8 years
4. Do you lift in gear or raw? What type? Multiply gear
5. Are you a bench specialist or a 3 lift athlete? 3 lift athlete
6. What are some of your accomplishments? Titles? I have junior all time record in the bench press. I’m IPA world record holder in squats, my best squat is 252.5 kg in 67kg category, and 245kg in 60kg category
7. What federations have you lifted in? Now I compete in FPO/IPA. Before I used to compete in WPC, I am two-time AWPC World Champion.
8. What is your preferred federation? I like powerling as a sport, so it doesn’t matter for me where to lift. The most important thing is the good organization of the competition
9. Best advice given to you/ Best advice you can give? The best advice I have got at the beginning of my career is that I need to stop because I have no perspective. I decided to prove to myself that I can lift a lot. And It made me one of the best in the world at my age. Therefore, the best advice I can give is follow your passion.
10. Training philosophy, beliefs, and/or methods? The most important thing in women’s training is a mental preparation, it is often difficult to do. My coach and I began to train using the Westside Barbell method, we were one of the first who practiced this in Russia. But now our method has transformed, in part we use the Westside, and have added a lot of our own unique developments. Over the years, I realized that where people feel overtrained gives better results for progress. It’s a pretty fine line, so you need to learn how to feel your body and take a break when you really need it.
11. How many days a week do you train? I train 4-5 days a week and 2 cardio
12. Training style? Everything related to training planning, the choice of exercises, weights, the number of sets, is regulated by my coach – Sergey Kartashov. I consider him one of the best specialists in women’s training. Because he uses unique and non-standard methods. And helps to achieve results quickly.
13. Some of your fondest memories? My dream was to squat 200 kg in the sub-juniors. I went to this for a very long time and did it at the age of 18. I did squat 205 kg in a single-ply gear with bodyweight 63 kg.
14. Favorite lift and why? It’s depends on what I get better in a particular season, it’s funny but favorite lift changes every time
15. Do you have any records or championships? 252,5 kg squat world record IPA, 165 kg bench press all time junior record. Two-time world champion AWPC.
16. Greatest motivation? I don’t need motivation, I just do what I love.
17. What is your diet like? I have a standard diet, 2500 calories, if I need to gain weight, I increase calories, if I need to lose weight, then I reduce calories and add cardio. I also eat a lot of sports nutrition, my favorite product is BCAA, I use it from 50 grams per day.
18. One thing nobody knows about you? Almost no one knows about it, but in my birth certificate states that I’m German
19. Any pre-contest superstitions? No, I do not have
20. Future plans? In the near future I want to make a total 10x bodyweight
21. Describe yourself in one word? Open-minded