Konstantin Pavlov: IPF Champion from Russia

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Konstantin Pavlov (RUS) bench pressing 167.5kg in the 56kg class at the 2002 Men's European Powerlifting Championships

Konstantin Pavlov (RUS) bench pressing 167.5kg in the 56kg class at the 2002 Men’s European Powerlifting Championships

Born in the USSR in a small town of miners in Siberia, the city of Leninsk-Kuzneckom, Kemerovo region, April 28, 1973. Born, like many children with average indicators, height 52 cm and weighing 3 kg 600 grams. Grew up a bright child in a family of Siberians. By profession my parents railwaymen. Father Pavlov Vladimir Vasilyevich born in 1939 worked on the railway for 45 years and is now retired. My mother Evgenia Matveyevna Pavlova was born in 1946 worked on the railway transport for 35 years and is also retired now.

In my childhood I had been ill and the father and mother treated me with folk remedies, accustomed to tempering, but the sport helped me to get stronger and become healthy. The first sport I began to be engaged professionally it was karate, 1989 in the USSR. At that time, martial arts, and powerlifting, and bodybuilding was banned in the Soviet Union and had to deal with in the basement or home. In karate I had a trainer and after a year of training me in the school where I studied, had to study for finals and I missed 2 weeks of training, after which a strict coach denied me the training.

In 1991, I on the advice of my friends went to go to the gym, which was located in the city center and it was the only room that specialized in powerlifting, where I met my first and only coach Igor Derevyanko. After two months of training, I made the championship of the city, which showed the results: weight – 47 kilos 500 grams, squat 125 kg, bench press-85 pounds, deadlift – 120 kilos and a total of 330 pounds and it was my first competition I was very nervous.

After school I got a job working for the railroad and worked there from 1990 to 1992. In 1992, I enrolled student in Leninsk-Kuznetsk School of the Olympic reserve at the faculty of physical culture and sport and studied there until 1994. From this time on, powerlifting became my profession, I stood, went to competitions and got money for it. In 1999 graduated with a profession coach.

From 1993 to 2012 worked as an athlete and instructor in the children’s sports school in the city from 2012 to 2014 in the same sports school Deputy headmaster, from 2014 to 2016 in the city of Kemerovo worked as the Director of sports school.

My first competition of the championship of Russia took place in 1992 and they ended in failure, were I in the category of 52 kilograms in the squat coped with a weight of 150 pounds, but in the bench press at the weight of 105 kg received a 0 rating. This failure pushed me to further successful achievements, I wanted to be a champion. The name of Konstantine in translation from Latin means “continuous” I call “regular champion”, after I started to win competitions everything.

In my career there were many interesting occasions and events, nor that one of them would like to tell you, I think it will be interesting. In 1989, my city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky in the Palace of culture held the power show by Igor Derevyanko, I did not even know what powerlifting. In the Siberian town gathered celebrity weightlifting, powerlifting, arm wrestling and bodybuilding from all over Siberia. My friends and I of course could not pass up the opportunity to see live so many strong men and marvel at their abilities.

The hall was full. Mostly, it was boys and young men, as I am an Amateur fascinated by iron. From time to time hall came to a standstill, then to explode awestruck cheers and loud applause. My friends and I tried not to miss anything important, but at the time it seemed. Sports equipment, shoes, their appearance, gait, facial expression, breath, every movement – everything was interesting to us.

I sat spellbound and stared at what is happening. “That was a spectacle! The first master of sports of Russia in the Kemerovo region Anatoly Shabanov and three-time master of sport in weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding Alexander Zarudny together at the table arm wrestling. Emelyanov Nikolay acted in weight category of 56 kilograms and with ease raised the bar in the deadlift the deadlift weighing 200 pounds. The apron came out Valery Smirnov, the brothers Oleg and Sergey Kvich. Almost all of them in just a couple of years became my friends, and Sergei Kvich best friend for life, but then I looked at them as great men and even could not imagine such a development are already quite in the near future.

That was the first correspondence and acquaintance with the future coach Igor Derevyanko. In the next article I would like to tell you about my trip to America, I visited the great lifter Wade Hooper

Here are my achievements:

  • 10- time world champion in powerlifting
  • World champion bench press
  • 11-time champion of Europe in powerlifting
  • 6- time European champion in bench press
  • 2 times champion of Europe among juniors powerlifting
  • Champion of the Baltic Cup in powerlifting
  • 11- time champion of Russia on powerlifting
  • 9- time champion of Russia on bench press
  • 5-time champion of the Cup of Russia in powerlifting
  • Champion of the Cup of Russia on bench press
  • 2 times champion of Russia among juniors powerlifting
  • 5-time champion of the games of the peoples of Siberia in powerlifting
  • 5-time champion of Siberia in powerlifting
  • 6-time champion of the Cup of Siberia
  • 3 times champion of Siberia on the bench press
  • 5-time champion of the tournament “center of Asia” in powerlifting
  • Champion of Russia on bench press among veterans
  • Silver medalist of the World games 2001 in powerlifting
  • 14 world records, 25 European record
  • The only Russian athletes in the hall of fame powerlifting Federation