Konstantin Pavlov: Traveling to America in 2010

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The traveling to America part two 2010

As I wrote in the first part. I have been in America in 2005 and this trip was very eventful. Exactly five years later, I again went to America for the world championship, but now on the bench press, which took place in the state of Texas the city of Killen.

The long wait at the airport

The long wait at the airport

First thing in Moscow, I was expecting the doping control and the procedure for obtaining a U.S. visa at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. All this I was successful and ready to go in the United States.

The first adventure was waiting for me and my friends on the national team of Russia on powerlifting at the airport, after check in for the flight to Washington, we the entire crew and all passengers were taken off the plane and cancelled the flight due to a malfunction of the aircraft. Many of the passengers began to take the tickets and fly through other countries, through Japan, knowing that we’ll have to fly through half of the globe, but for business time can’t wait.


Konstantin Pavlov with military before opening of World Championship

Under its control was taken by the representatives of the company, which has provided us with a flight to the United States. Provided a bus for the whole team and we went to the hotel of the airline, there we had to wait for your flight, at first it was waiting four hours, then four and now we were told that the plane will fly with British Airways tomorrow morning. If this morning we go off in time, I could not make it to the weigh-in its category. Fed us dinner, but since I was overweight, I couldn’t eat after supper lay down to sleep, like television, the news showed that from tomorrow the pilots of British Airways went on strike and not come to work. Our guys and me started to panic. Since I was in good shape and could win this world championship. But in the end no fault of their own can not get.

And then came early the next morning, very disturbing to all of us and very disturbing to me. We were lucky and we fly to USA, but in London. I’ve been in London more than once, a very beautiful city. And from London we fly to Washington. The road was long, but we’ve got to Texas to the town of Killen, where they will take our competition for the title of world champion in the bench press.

My friends on the national team of Russia has always supported me, for which they thank you. But not only my friends from Russia have supported me, but my friends from America, and I’m really grateful for the help and support.


Konstantin Pavlov and Titan Support Systems Inc President Pete Alaniz

I wanted to briefly talk about the city of Killen, the city is not big, but very popular in Texas, the city received its name in honor of the Director General of Railways Frank Killen. In the sixties of the last century in this city lived famous to the whole world the king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll Elvis Presley. The city is home to about one hundred and thirty thousand people in the town are a great barbecue.

The day when the competitions started, the outside temperature was plus thirty five degrees Celsius, whereas in Russia only plus fifteen degrees Celsius, but in the sports centre where the competition was held, the air conditioning worked and they were saved from the scorching heat. Although this heat helped me to lose weight, and I was 2 kilos, I had to run on a treadmill to lose that extra weight, and even diet. When I need to lose weight, I eat a little, but only before the competition, then the force of the muscle does not have time to weaken. If necessary, go to sauna, but also before the competition.

And here it is the long-awaited day of the competition in my category of 56 kilograms. The main opponent was the representative of Japan Naoya Ikeda. At the weigh-in the scales showed my weight is 56 pounds exactly, the Japanese have 55 kilos 600 grams. Initial approaches in the bench press ordered the following, I am 175 kilograms, Ikeda ordered 180 kilograms.

Here I go out to the platform and presses lying 175 kilograms and the weight I count 3:0, the Japanese presses lying 180 kilograms and also the weight count but 2:1. And then there is the interesting, Ikeda orders 185 pounds, although the first approach was very hard, I order 182,5 kilograms since Japanese is easier to me to 400 grams and with a successful approach can beat him if I hit and he does not press this weight.

And here I am on the platform, approach the bar, take over the grief, I served her, but I don’t hear the judge’s “START”, put the barbell back on the rack – what’s the matter? Coming back, and again the team there, as time goes on. And that approach is not valid, the reason is not clear, what happened will be known later. And what about Ikeda, but it cannot cope with a weight 185 kilograms and I have a real chance to become world champion in bench press twice in his career.

Go to your third approach, weight 182,5 kilograms and squeeze the bar fine and then one arm behind the other, which is prohibited by the rules, the weight will not count 2:1, my


Rewarding experience for Konstantin Pavlov

resentment has no limits, and how close was the victory. And the Japanese once again not even trying to fight weighing 185 kilograms and couldn’t take it. Summary: Ikeda world champion, I am a silver medalist of the world championship, once again.

What happened in the second approach I have? Why the attempt did not count? Assistants served the bar in the starting position, the width of the grip on one side was more than that prohibited by the rules of the command “START” not allowed, I didn’t notice it, and the assistants and the coaches are unable to tell. I was very upset, because at home I squeeze the bar weighing 190 kilograms. In the men’s team had three speakers athletes and we took the eighth place team. First place was won by the Japanese, the Americans second and the third place went to the team from Sweden.


Konstantin Pavlov on the way to the ocean

To calm down and relax I and my “Great friends”, the weight of one was 130 kilograms, decided to ride to the Gulf of Mexico and swim in the ocean. The distance of 450 kilometers.

In the morning, after a good Breakfast we went to the car rental to rent a car, the owner of the rental was surprised that the driver was me and not these big guys, together we laughed. After registration of all necessary documents, we left and rushed towards the city of Houston, was driving along the great highway. Everything was interesting and surprising. After 5-6 hours, we reached the ocean and enjoyed swimming in it, the rest turned out great. Arriving back to our hotel in Killen town, we were tired from the road, but happy with the rest.

So ended the world championship in bench press in the USA and ended my next trip to America, had to fly home, I was flying with the team and separately, so tickets were bought. For me it was amazing, because I had to fly alone through many countries, but my English is very weak and that only bothered me and scared me more than anything. But all over, I was in Russia where I was greeted by my family, lovely wife Anna and son Egor.