Mike Ciupinski Interview

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1. Name: Mike Ciupinski

2. Married and family? 2 Beautiful Kids (Gavin and Savannah) and Married to my loving and very supportive wife Stacy

3. How long have you been lifting? Competitively since 1995

4. Do you lift in gear or raw? What type? Equipped, but on occasion will compete Raw. Titan Gear all the way.

5. Are you a bench specialist or a 3 lift athlete? Stopped competing in all 3 lifts in 2010. Love is for Bench Pressing. I always tell people your heart has to be all in for every workout every set in order to pursue your goals.

6. What are some of your accomplishments? Titles? Won the 2019 IPF World Bench Championships in M1 83kg Equipped Benching 270kg/595lbs which broke the American Record for that division. Have competed the Arnold Sports Festival many times winning a few of them. Multi time National Bench Champion at 83kg. Have also Bench Pressed 600lbs a few times in competition at the Arnold in front of many. The crowds definitely give a little extra motivation .

7. What federations have you lifted in? When I first started out I lift AAU/USPF, but since the early 2000’s USAPL/NAPF/IPF. Lots of respect to all the federations out there and their lifters.

8. What is your preferred federation? USAPL/IPF

9. Best advice given to you/ Best advice you can give? Never limit yourself, If you want something bad enough go after it and don’t look back, Conceive, Believe, Achieve. My advice. Learn from the best and apply to your own training. Tape all big workouts so you can critique yourself especially if you train equipped.

10. Training philosophy, beliefs, and/or methods? Have a goal and plan it way in advance. Make adjustments as needed. Eat healthy. Have a spotter especially for heavier workouts and extra motivation

11. How many days a week do you train?> 4-5 days+

12. Training style? Training revolves mostly on Bench Movements. I train in my basement the majority of the time now so I can spend more time with my wife and kids and help them learn and progress as well.

13. Some of your fondest memories? Competing and making vacations out of many of the meets I have competed at with my wife there. All the people I have met and relationships formed at all the meets I have ever been a part of. Winning gold at Worlds and hearing the National Anthem play as i stand on the top podium.

14. Favorite lift and why? Bench Press has been my favorite lift since day one. Still love the training/journey and then meet day itself where I still get nervous even after all these years.

15. Do you have any records or championships? Many titles. Most proud of the 2019 IPF Bench Championship Title for M1 83kg in Japan. Breaking the American Record there on top of that was very special. Also hold many NJ state records.

16. Greatest motivation? There is no limit in this sport as to how much you can lift. When its time to compete I want to win, but winning to me means I got the most out of myself. At the 2019 IPF World Bench I had just locked up the gold right before my third lift. Right then I was given an opportunity to do any weight I wanted which fired me up to go above my expectations that day and give the American Record a shot. I hit that weight so good i couldnt have lifted another pound on that day. Many times I look around my basement walls and see all the trophies and history of my powerlifting accomplishments I have achieved feeling proud and very lucky. I also post a big flyer of my next meet which gives extra motivation to go after my next goal.

17. What is your diet like? I love to eat. But if im preparing for a meet then 5 to 6 meals a day. Fast acting carbs followed by a preworkout. Then 30 to 40 grams of protein post workout. Usually one day a week iI eat anything i want throughout the day.

18. One thing nobody knows about you? I love going to themeparks and riding the biggest fastest rollercoasters in the world.

19. Any pre-contest superstitions? Also a little nervous before every meet, but once I start warming up its Game on/Beast Mode.

20. Future plans? Id like to keep competing as long as my body lets me. I hope my kids will get to see me compete at the highest level in person with an understanding of whats its all about and how powerlifting is a good base for anything they want to achieve in life. I’d love to see them compete at least once and enjoy the moments like I have.

21. Describe yourself in one word? Determined