Tara Webber Powerlifter Interview

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1. Name: Tara Webber

Tara Webber

Tara Webber Powerlifter

2. Married and family?: Married
3. How long have you been lifting? 15 years lifting, 10 years powerlifting
4. Do you lift in gear or raw? What type? Geared. Boss briefs and Super Boss suit, Super
Katana Bench Shirt, Velocity deadlift suit
5. Are you a bench specialist or a 3 lift athlete? Three lift always
6. What are some of your accomplishments? Titles? Multiple WPC World titles, WPO
Champion 2019 , Squat 727, Bench 400, deadlift 529
7. What federations have you lifted in? WPC, GPC,USAPL, IPL, WPO
8. What is your preferred federation? WPC/WPO
9. Best advice given to you/ Best advice you can give? Train your weaknesses but don’t
neglect your strengths.
10. Training philosophy, beliefs, and/or methods? Conjugate/Westside
11. How many days a week do you train?> Four days a week for main lifting sessions with
extra sessions thrown in on off days
12. Training style? Conjugate/Westside
13. Some of your fondest memories? Visiting Ireland for the Irish Pro/Am, Winning the 2019
WPO Title
14. Favorite lift and why? I love to squat and always have.
15. Do you have any records or championships? Multiple WPC World Records and the 2019
WPO Championships
16. Greatest motivation? Laura Phelps
17. What is your diet like? Follow the Vertical diet with a cheat meal every saturday
18. One thing nobody knows about you? I am a cleanaholic
19. Any pre-contest superstitions? I don’t have any superstitions. Mexican food the night
before any contest.
20. Future plans? Help other lifters be better than I ever was
21. Describe yourself in one word? Determined