Thomas TD Davis Powerlifter Interview

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  1. Name- Thomas Davis
  2. Married and family?- Engaged ( will be married on November 23rd)
  3. How long have you been lifting?- 10 years
  4. Do you lift in gear or raw? What type?- Raw
    Thomas TD Davis Powerlifter

    Thomas TD Davis Powerlifter

  5. Are you a bench specialist or a 3 lift athlete? I do all 3 but still considered a bench specialist
  6. What are some of your accomplishments? Titles? 3 time IPF Classic World Bench Press Champion. 300 Kilo Bench in Japan
  7. What federations have you lifted in? USAPL, non sanctioned meets
  8. What is your preferred federation? Anything pretty much, just wanna lift.
  9. Best advice given to you/ Best advice you can give? Be patient!!!
  10. Training philosophy, beliefs, and/or methods? Jailhouse Strong!!!
  11. How many days a week do you train?>4 days
  12. Training style? Jailhouse/conjugate
  13. Some of your fondest memories? Winning world championships, Getting engaged on my 3rd attempt at the Arnold, and getting beat up by Ed Coan whenever I see him.
  14. Favorite lift and why? Bench! Its where everyone else is weak at
  15. Do you have any records or championships? IPF World Record- 300 Kilos
  16. Greatest motivation? My family and fans
  17. What is your diet like? Vertical Diet
  18. One thing nobody knows about you? I gladly own the greatest hits album for the Backstreet Boys
  19. Any pre-contest superstitions? No hanky panky a week before a meet. No caffeine two weeks before a meet.
  20. Future plans? 2400 total, 700+ bench
  21. Describe yourself in one word? Hyper