Trevor “Tre” Thomas Jr Powerlifter Interview

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1. Name: Trevor “Tre” Thomas Jr
2. How long have you been lifting? I’ve been lifting for almost 12 years and competing for

Trevor "Tre" Thomas Jr Powerlifter

Trevor “Tre” Thomas Jr Powerlifter

3. Do you lift in gear or raw? I lift raw.
4. Are you a bench specialist or a 3 lift athlete? I’m a 3 lift athlete.
5. What are some of your accomplishments? Titles?
6. What federations have you lifted in? USAPL and WABDL
7. What is your preferred federation? USAPL
8. Best advice you can give? Be your biggest critic, never get comfortable with where
you’re at.
9. Training philosophy, beliefs, and/or methods? In all my years of training I made listening
to my body my top priority. I do a lot of bodybuilding style workouts and train low
volume on the big three lifts.
10. How many days a week do you train? I train 4-5 days a week.
11. Some of your fondest memories?
12. Favorite lift and why? Squat is my favorite lift. Its something about having the weight on
my back.
13. Do you have any records or championships? I have Georgia and Hawaii State Records.
14. Greatest motivation? The possibility of falling short of my goals.

15. What is your diet like? My diet is clean 90% of the time. The other 10% is whatever I get
my hands on.
16. One thing nobody knows about you? In my 3 years of competing I never programmed
long-term. I’ve always programmed day by day. Which is unheard of at my level
17. Any pre-contest superstitions? I must eat a burger and drink a beer the night before any
18. Future plans? Open a gym and make a difference.
19. Describe yourself in one word?